Avid Video Promo - Expires June 17.


Crossgrade Final Cut Pro to Media Composer Software only for 789,00 Euro VAT excl.
Package includes Media Composer Software kit with 3rd Party Aps.

Requirements & extras:
- Customer must submit Final Cut Pro proof of ownership - install guide including serial number
- No computer will be provided in this offer
- Do you need an Avid supported CPU (PC or MAC) to install your new MediaComposer?
> Just ask Amptec and we will provide the detailed CPU compatibility Matrix (PC & MAC)
- Do you want extra hardware options to connect to your MediaComposer?
> Find here a complete list of hardware options: MC hardware options
- Offer expires June 17, 2011.

Upgrade Promo:

Upgrade Avid MediaComposer software Pre 5.X and Xpress to version 5.5.X with Kits and 3rd Party Apps:
469,00 Euro VAT excl.

Upgrade Avid MediaComposer software 5.X to version 5.5 with kits and 3rd Party Apps:
295,00 Euro VAT excl.

Upgrade MC Adrenaline to MC Nitris DX with 1 year Priority Support and save 55%:
5.559,00 Euro VAT excl.
Includes MediaComposer Nitris DX Hardware and Software + Support (No CPU included)

Upgrade MC Adrenaline to MC Mojo DX with 1 year Standard Support and save 50%
3.409,00 Euro VAT excl.
Includes MediaComposer MojoDX hardware and software + Support (No CPU included)


Contact harald.vanherf@amptec.be, sales@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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