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We are very excited to present to you: Switzerland-based Blackspade Acoustics, who recently teamed up with AMI Inc. to produce a new line of very fine microphones, designed by German-born Oliver Archut.

Having been a part of audio history with the original AEG-Telefunken, Oliver is a world leading specialist in vintage gear and technology, well known for his limited edition Lucas CS-1/CS-4 microphones, TAB-Funkenwerk V72-based preamps and DI’s, Oahu guitar amplifiers, and AMI’s historically correct transformers.

As the first creation of this new partnership with Blackspade, Oliver re-designed his ‘U47 mod’ — of which the previous incarnation was licensed to Telefunken USA as the RFT AK47 till 2009 — to create a microphone with exceptional resolution, and a distinctly warm and present vibe reminiscent of many of the favoured U47 and M49 characteristics.

This particular microphone is from now available as the Blackspade Acoustics UM17. Its hand assembly, along with testing and burn-in is done by AMI in Kansas, USA.

The UM17 features a New Old Stock EF732 tube, handmade PCB, 5 years warranty, and 11 polar patterns selectable on a fully modified PSU, from Omni through Cardioid to Figure-of-8.

Available now.

Blackspade UM25

As the second instalment in the UM Series, Blackspade Acoustics asked AMI to create another LDC microphone in a different direction from the UM17. What resulted is an homage to the historic 251 microphone, with many of its details faithfully replicated. Featuring a NOS Telefunken tube, AMI T14 transformer, custom built Blackspade CK25 capsule and point-to-point construction on Plexiglas boards, the UM25 delivers that world famous 251 sound at a previously unattainable price-point.

Available Fall 2011.

Blackspade Acoustics’ mission is therefore to bring the sound that makes the classics so desirable within reach of every studio, no matter the size. No more prohibitive entry prices nor difficult to obtain and maintain parts — just well built, great sounding modern tools built with today’s engineer in mind.

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