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Audio Developments Ltd - 8.D97

new AD256 Mixer in production

Audio Developments now have their new AD256 Mixer in production. It is an addition to the AD200 Series of mixers, having the same footprint as the AD245 and AD255 Mixers.
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ARDIS Technologies - 7.D12

Avid unity emulation
Avid Interplay compatibility

Demonstration of the DDP32DEXR as an example of the DDP series of scalable redundant system with no single point of failure.

The DDP32DEXR consists of two DDP Heads and two DDP16DEXR storage Arrays.
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AVID - 7.J20

Pro Tools I new HD Series interfaces...

The world's most trusted DAW just got even better. Get the sound quality and pristine detail audio professionals demand with the new Pro Tools HD Series interfaces.

add Some HEAT to Your Mix - Free for 30 days

Give your mixes the warmth and euphonic character of vintage consoles, vacuum tube circuits, and analog tape—in the box.
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Eela Audio - 8.D71

Eela Audio presents its new D3 digital mixing desk

At this years’ IBC Eela Audio will show the new D3 digital mixing desk that can be configured as a general purpose mixing desk but also has all the features needed for use as an on-air or radio production mixing desk. It has all facilities you generally only find on very large and much more expensive units including “start” button in addition to the standard fader start.
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Glensound - 8.E89

New representation for Amptec

Produce a vast range of products for the broadcaster, mainly specialized for outside broadcast.
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LAWO - 8.C71

New radio mixing console “sapphire”
Experience the world premiere of our new “sapphire” radio mixing console – attractive functions and proven Lawo technology in a fresh design. Be thrilled by a new and exciting development from Lawo!

New MADI router Nova29
Also on show will be the new Nova29, a compact 16-port MADI router, delivering transparent signal routing for 1024 x 1024 signals, an integral intercom function, and many service features.
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PRODYS - 1.C30

new Prodys IKUSNET

Ikusnet is the product that changes it all in the way that news contribution is performed. It is not only the fact that you can use Ikusnet to send your live news via satellite or Internet, at your election, but also that Ikusnet integrates in only one super portable package all the functionality you usually have in an ENG van.


The first units of NOMADA IP W, the new Prodys portable audio codec with 3G wireless communication, have already been provided to our customers. This new product enhances the capabilities of our successful NOMADA IP codec, providing a third XLR line input and 2 USB ports. An external, compact 3G wireless communications modem is also included with the new unit.

new features in IP family firmware 6.3.3.

The new features are aimed at improving the quality of the audio communication and making ProntoNet units easier to setup and use. As a result of the on-going dialogue between Prodys and their customers the latest firmware incorporates a large number of enhancements: Automatic Jitter Buffer, N+1 Prodys Redundancy Protocol, New NAT Traversal techniques with SIP protocol, Enhanced RTP protocol, ... a few of which are detailed below:
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RTW - 8.E76

TouchMonitor Series: new standards in pro audio metering

TouchMonitor is a new range of products that RTW developed, from the ground up, which is sure to set new standards in professional audio metering. The two TouchMonitor versions, scheduled to ship by the end of 2010, include the TM7 featuring a 7" touch screen and the TM9 with a 9" touch screen. Both units combine unprecedented flexibility and modularity with an intuitive user interface.
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Schoeps - 8.E90

SuperCMIT, the new digital shotgun
- particularly efficient shotgun microphone - even at low frequencies!
- particular good sound quality
- operates with two acoustic transducers and a DSP using a new technique
- three shotguns with increasing directionality in one: regular CMIT 5 U, "SuperCMIT" preset 1,"SuperCMIT" preset 2

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