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New Royer Ribbon Coming September 1st


The R-101 is the newest addition to Royer's popular R-series line of ribbon microphones.

Following in the footsteps of their flagship R-121, the R-101 is a mono, passive ribbon microphone utilizing the same patented offset-ribbon transducer and a 2.5-micron ribbon element as the Royer R-121, but in a cost-expensive housing, which cuts down the retail price with 40%!

Assembling and testing is still done in the USA factory.
The R-101 ships in a protective carrying case with a shock mount. Matched pairs are available.

The Performance
The R-101 handles high SPL's (>135 dB SPL @ 30 Hz) and excels on cranked up guitar cabinets and drums, and is equally at home on trumpet, piano, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion, and any other instrument that benefits from the smooth, warm response of a good ribbon microphone.

The R-101 incorporates a new multi-layer wind screen that is highly effective in minimizing air blasts. This protects the ribbon element from plosives and wind damage. The wind screen also reduces proximity effect slightly, allowing for closer miking with less bass buildup (nice on guitar cabs!).

The Warranty
Like all Royer mics, the R-101 comes with a lifetime warranty to the original owner and the first re-ribbon is free.

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