RTAS Audio plugins for AVID Media Composer 5


With the release of Media Composer 5, Avid opens up to the world of RTAS audio plug-ins, as you already might know from the Protools environment.
RTAS-compatibility means video editors can now use plug-ins from companies like Waves, Digidesign, Lawo, Universal Audio, Soundtoys, URS, Sonnox, Antares, Audio-Ease, etc.
Available processors include compression, EQ, limiting, reverb and spatial processing, restoration and special effects giving you the tools to create a finished project right within Media Composer.

Some highly recommended tools for post-production users:

Waves Broadcast and Production bundle :
21 processors to clean up noise, master your finished mix, and tailor your sound any way you want.

Waves JJP, CLA and Maserati Artist collection :
Grammy Award winning engineers share their secrets with these simple to use, great sounding plug-ins dedicated to fast processing of vocals, instruments, and effects.

Waves Grand Masters :
13 processors, all you need to prepare your work for broadcast.

Waves WNS and Restoration :
Remove hum, cracks, hiss, computer noise etc. without compromising your audio.

Audio-Ease Speakerphone :
Simulates speakers, cell phones, background noise, etc. to create a realistic scene from a simple dialog recording.

Lawo :
Get the sound of Lawo's hi-end consoles in your workstation.

Sonnox :
Processing from the Sony Oxford OXF-R3 console, and advanced restoration tools.

Universal Audio :
Dedicated plug-ins using own DPS chips, thus saving your system's horsepower.

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