Cloud Microphones


A brand new living legend


During the 1930’s, Harry Olson developed the legendary RCA 44 and 77 ribbon microphones, which were used during numerous legendary recordings of artists like Elvis Presley.
Harry Olson’s designs were further improved by John R. Sank, who designed the RCA BK-11. Next in line of legendary designers is John’s son, Stephen Sank. He was trained by his father from the age of 10, and took the RCA heritage to the next level with the design of Cloud Microphones.

The Cloud Microphone JRS-34 (named after his father John R. Sank) takes the best of the RCA 44A and BK-11A to the next level with a innovative shockmount system, neodymium magnets and Cinemag transformers.
This sweet-sounding figure-of-eight ribbon microphone also comes in an active version, with a built-in hi-grade JFET preamp circuit, offering about 20dB of extra gain.
This Cloudlifter circuit is also available separately to be used with other low-output ribbon microphones.

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