Mixosaurus now distributed by Amptec in Belgium


If you dream of the ultimate sampled drum kit, and you have a cutting-edge computer to run it, Mixosaurus’s Kit A might be your Holy Grail.

- 1200 patches, made up of some 122GB of data
- over 80,000 stereo samples all in uncompressed 24-bit format
- shipped on its own hard drive, with a heavily adapted Kontakt Player front end
- featuring one kick drum, one snare and one hi-hat, along with four tom-toms, two ride cymbals, three crashes, a splash and a China cymbal

all in one drum kit

Amptec recently became the exclusive dealer for Mixosaurus in Belgium

"This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most detailed and comprehensive sampled drum instrument ever created ... Here is a snare drum that really feels like a living, breathing musical instrument; you can pound the crap out of it, but you can also do light, jazzy stickwork, and both will sound great ... In short, I think MIXOSAURUS' claims to have created the ultimate sampled drum kit carry a lot of weight ... If you dream of the ultimate sampled drum kit, MIXOSAURUS' KIT A might be your Holy Grail." Sam Inglis, SOUND ON SOUND (UK)

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