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The design of the Tonelux product line was geared towards the “new studio model”, where so much more of the production work is being done in the Work Station, and the requirement for a large frame console is not as necessary as it has been in the past. With a new wave of engineers and producers taking the helm, the standard studio layout doesn't seem applicable any more.

The whole Tonelux concept is based around a universal rack system that can accommodate any combination of modules, allowing each system to be unique and specific to the owner. It also allows the owner to change everything around at will if a different approach works better at a later date.

Tonelux provides a system that can do tracking, mixing, overdubs and most other production work with the broad line of modular products it manufactures.

Currently available modules include mono, stereo and surround summing, parametric eq's, mic preamps, compressors, and third party modules are in development.

A demo system is available upon request !

Amptec is exclusive distributor for the BeNeLux.

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