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Amptec delivers PA system for Rockhal


Boasting two concert halls – the Main Hall that can accommodate an audience of up to 6500 and the Club that can hold 1200 – the Rockhal, a complex managed by the public institution Centre de Musiques Amplifiées and co-financed by the Luxembourgish State, today stands as a shining jewel on the Luxembourgish musical landscape.

The Main Hall is a multi-functional show space. The flat base of the hall and the service grid covering the entire area ensure total flexibility of setup. After comparing all major PA systems and intensive testing of different line array systems, the management decided to let Amptec take care of the installation of a fixed PA.
The Rockhal technical team opted unanimously for a d&b J-system in the Main Hall: the sound quality, the acceptance in the market, and the service and support from Amptec with d&b were the main reasons for this choice.

rockhal Thirty D12 amplifiers, divided over 6 amplifier racks, provide the needed power for Q1’s with Q-subs as side fill, Q7’s with Q-subs as drum fill and 10 M2 monitors. The amplifiers also power the main PA, consisting of 6 J8 and 2 J12 for each side, completed with a cardio sub array with 12 J-subs. Together with the PA, Amptec made a delivery of an extensive wiring set for the new concert hall: custom made work with 50 channel multi cables, a stagebox, break outs, patch cabling, etc.
For the Amptec and d&b collaboration, this is the second big reference, together with the Ancienne Belgique. Rockhal as well as AB choose explicitely for the combination of high quality brands in combination with superb production of made-to-measure wiring.


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