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ADAM presents its new SX-series


Just in time for its 10th anniversary, ADAM Professional Audio announces a new top-line of studio monitors. All transducers, drivers, and electronics of the new SX-series have been completely redesigned.

All six models (S1X, S2X, S3X-H, S3X-V, S4X-H, S4X-V) feature:
- new X-ART (eXtended frequency response) tweeter up to 50 kHz, 3 dB higher maximum SPL, 4 dB higher efficiency
- a new A/B broadband amplifier with extra low distortion and bandwith up to 300 kHz
- newly designed HexaConewoofers with more linear excursion for higher maximum SPL
- a new, innovative front panel with sophisticated controls
- unsurpassed clarity and openness

Policy warranty change for all ADAM Audio products:

- five-year warranty for active systems
- ten-year warranty for passive systems

This extension is a clear sign that ADAM Professional Audio is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and a proof for the reliability of their products.

The new warranty conditions apply to all new products bought after April 1rst 2009.

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