DPA Microphones


AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen


When you can’t trust Mother Nature, trust your kit


With two layers of effective wind protection, a secure clamping mechanism and a boundary surface that enhances clean and clear voice pickup, AIR1 Universal Miniature Fur Windscreen is not like other wind protection accessories available on the market. AIR1 fits on any round omnidirectional miniature mic (lavaliers and headsets) between Ø2.5-5.8 mm (0.1-.23 in).


You can trust AIR1 to provide:

Efficient and consistent wind protection 
Swift and effortless mounting 
Complete acoustical transparency 


Take a couple of minutes to listen to Timo Klinge walk you through the most essential elements of wind protection and explain the DPA AIR1. 


Contact steve.haesevoets@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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