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After Distressor, Fatso and Lil FrEQ, ELI now presents: Mike-E


First, Dave Derr, ELI-product developer, shocked in 1995 the audio world with the legendary Distressor. Afterwards he continued with the same drive: making products that work a little easier, a little better, and a lot longer - and making sure they are fun to use. Consequently, the Fatso and Lil FrEQ saw daylight.
And now Empirical Labs Inc. is proud to announce its first Microphone Pre-amplifier / compressor, the stunning Mike-E:

- Hi-end preamplifier / DI with Baby-distressor!
- Digitally controlled analog circuit for life-long reliability
- Signal to Noise ratio - 130 dB at 40dB gain, Lundahl input transformer.
- Compression / Saturation from the Distressor

Mike-E + Lilfreq = the ultimate channel strip

With the well-known reliability and quality from Empirical Labs.
Demo units now available!


Contact bart.hilberink@amptec.nl, dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, harald.vanherf@amptec.be, leon.hoeks@amptec.nl for a quote or demo.

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