MBOX Studio Pro Tools Perpetual Promotion


No more concerns about being tied to a Subscription with MBOX Studio. 
Until January 31st, MBOX Studio comes bundled with a complimentary ProTools Studio perpetual license. Considering the standalone price of 589 euros for the ProTools Studio perpetual license and the MBOX Studio priced at 899 euros, this promotion effectively offers the MBOX at only 310 euros for those interested in acquiring ProTools. 
About the MBOX Studio audio interface 
MBOX Studio is meticulously crafted with top-tier components, preamps, and audio converters, setting it apart in its category. It empowers you to record and blend audio at an impressive 24-bit, 192 kHz from input to output. The Variable Z feature offers a diverse spectrum of tonal possibilities. Additionally, the built-in real-time EQ, delay, and reverb, coupled with independent cue mixing, ensure optimal low-latency tracking, enabling you to deliver your finest performances. 


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