Freqport announces Amptec as exclusive partner


Attention all music producers and mixing engineers! Amptec is now the exclusive partner in BeNeLux for the FT-1 freqtube analog plugin by Freqport.

They have developed a genuinely unique product that will allow you to incorporate real analog warmth into your tracks without sacrificing the ease and versatility of a digital workflow. The FT-1 freqtube is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to bring analog tubes into your digital workstation – simply load the freqport plugin, connect the hardware (an extremely compact desktop valve controller) via USB-C and that’s it.

You get to use true analog valve circuitry – with two different types of valves – to create the sound you want, and then transfer seamless, bit-perfect audio into your digital workflow. Compatible with multiple DAWs on Mac and PC, you can assign parameters to physical controls, and you have full recall of all your analog parameters instantly and at any time within the plugin.
You can also automate all of your analog controls along with audio within the plugin – no more complicated routing! There’s a lot more we could tell you, but you may as well just visit the website at

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