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Sony announces new MDR-MV1


Sony launches the MDR-MV1 headphones. Accurate sound field reproduction that takes
advantage of the characteristics of the open back acoustic structure, makes it the perfect monitor headphones for music creators who are conscious of spatial expression such as immersive audio.
The new headphones will first be showcased at Namm later this week.
Sound Characteristics
Enables “Spatial Sound Creation with headphones” at a high level and enhances the quality of Stereo Sound Creation.
- High spatial sound space reproducibility 
Accurate by the characteristics of the open back acoustic structure
           Accurate each sound object positions in the in a 360-degree sound space
- Ultra-wideband playback (5Hz - 80 kHz)
           Low fatigue with natural high frequencies
- Uncolored frequency response suitable for production
           Suitable for reference during music production, obtained through collaboration with creators.
- Clear and High-Resolution Sound,
           Capable of expressing the details of various sound sources.
Wearing Comfort
Excellent wearing comfort support creators works.
- Light weight, soft and stable fitting
           Allows wearing comfort for long time working/listening to create music content

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