Digital Audio Denmark


NTP announces DAD AX Center


AX Center was born to sit in a rack right next to you in the studio, in your portable rig  - or maybe even on your desktop. The interface unites the audio quality of Digital Audio Denmark AD & DA conversion with the renowned transparency and musicality of their mic preamps. 

It's all about capturing the source truthfully and get it into any DAW you may use exactly as it is - and to get your production out exactly as you intended, envisioned and simply heard it.

- Unmatched Sound Quality in Any Thunderbolt Audio Interface
- Tried & Trusted PRO|MON Monitor Control from Mono to Immersive
- SPQ Speaker Processing: 128 Channels with a Total of 1024 EQ Bands and Individual Channel Delay
- 256 Thunderbolt & 256 Dante Channels 
- Tailor to Fit Any Need with Expandable & Customisable I/O

Head over to the DAD website for all the details.

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