OmniPlayer 3 for RITCS Radio Course


For a long time, the RITCS in Brussels has had 2 fully equipped studios to rely on. But the constant evolution in technology had left the studio production software out of date. In recent months, Amptec gave the entire system an overhaul. 
OmniPlayer 3
The institute, like our national public broadcasting company, has invested in the OmniPlayer 3 automation software. “The integration of industry-standard software in our training course is a huge educational asset. Not only that, but the software is user friendly and accessible at every level”, adds Martijn Veulemans of the RITCS. The use of AoIP and Ember + makes it a complete, scalable IP solution with a low footprint.
The OmniPlayer team is glad to have been of help. “We are proud to play a small part in the development of young Belgian radio talent. In Belgium and the Netherlands, OmniPlayer is now the radio standard. OmniPlayer 3 represents the next step in the evolution of our product, and we are thankful to the RITCS for their trust”, says Francis Hooijen, OmniPlayer Product Owner at M&I Broadcast Services. 
To enable AoIP and Ember+, the existing DHD system, which was introduced in 2013, had to be updated. “DHD platforms are very sustainable and flexible, making them a good, long-term investment. The SX consoles can simply stay in place, and only the cores were replaced”, says Amptec Sales Manager, Bart Lamberigts.

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