GoCreate enhances Amptec ntwrx


These days, it’s hard to imagine these sectors without IT networks. Important applications are AoIP, NDI- and SMPTE-based video and remote production.

With GoCreate, Dietrich De Bruyne has specialised in the underlying infrastructure layer of these networks for 13 years now: switches and routers, security, firewalls and storage and workflow solutions. 

Stronger together
Recently, the paths of GoCreate and Amptec crossed. Bart Willems, CEO of Amptec: 
“It immediately became clear that we would be able to achieve great things together and offer high quality end-to-end turnkey solutions: from AV networks to production and content delivery.” 
To enhance the growth potential and reinforce strategic positioning, the two businesses decided to join forces. Amptec has taken over the shares of GoCreate, together with its 4 employees. 

Going forward
GoCreate’s existing clients can continue to rely on their trusted partner. They will continue to be served by their current contacts at GoCreate, but with more available resources and even wider support.

For Amptec’s accounts, the GoCreate team, supplemented by Amptec’s existing employees, will handle all ntwrx-related projects. There is a lot of work to do right away due to current and planned projects. 

The GoCreate branch in Londerzeel will remain. In addition to the head office in Bilzen and the office in Utrecht, it will become Amptec’s third hub. Dietrich will become the business unit manager of GoCreate-Amptec ntwrx. This unit is part of Amptec’s Systems department, managed by Thomas Nagels. 

For more information, contact Thomas Nagels Dietrich De Bruyne, Bart Willems.

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