A guide through Schoeps Colette series


Ever since it’s release in 1974, Schoeps’ Colette series has been an industry standard. No other microphone system has been on the market this long, and we guarantee that it isn’t going anywhere. 
The Colette series invented the modularity in mic technology and is considered to be one of the best small-diaphragm microphone systems. All microphones of the modular series are comprised of a separate mic capsule screwed onto an amp unit. Any capsule can be combined with any preamp. Schoeps offers many different capsules including omnis, wide cardioids, open cardioid, supercardioid, figure-eight, capsules for close miking,… 
Accessories can be inserted between both units if desired. Due to its modular nature, the Colette system offers a large variety of options, for a wide range of use cases. 
Below you find an overview of the Colette series: 
CMC 6 the most popular amp unit
CMC 6xt extended frequency response
CMC 1 compacter version
CMC 1 L with a Lemo connector
CMC 1 K with fixed, axial cable
CMC 1 SO gooseneck 
CMC 1 KV fixed backside cable 
CMC 1 U output XLR
MSTC 7 stereo amplifier
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