d&b audiotechnik


Mono, stereo, surround... Soundscape


d&b audiotechnik Soundscape takes the music experience to a new level. The audio system locates each individual sound object, it can even track it when moving. Soundscape aligns the eye and ear, brings together what belongs together. The public now hears what it sees. And more.

Cultuurcentrum Hasselt pioneered in a d&b Soundscape system at the end of 2019.

Musicians and their crew explore the possibilities of the system, use the theater in Hasselt to work with this innovation in a unique setting.

Various national and international artists are active with the new technology. Kraftwerk, Björk, Imogen Heap toured Europe, using the system for a worldwide audience. Thanks to the dynamic team in the Hasselt cultural center, you can also enjoy unique creations up close.

Visit ccha.be/soundscape for an overview of the Soundscape concerts.




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