Amptec acstx


Amptec acstx, a new business unit at Amptec.


Acoustic solutions have been an expertise and activity of Amptec for years.
The distribution of the Artnovion brand, which pays a lot of attention to beautiful design, makes an important contribution to this.
As a result, this has become an extensive department within the company.

Since this activity goes beyond the normal market segments of Amptec, we have developed a separate business unit and our own Amptec brand for this.
Where Amptec mainly focuses on broadcasting and music studios, PA and theatres, Amptec acstx will also offer acoustic solutions in restaurants, youth centers, public spaces, as well as residential environments.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to investigate your acoustic problem, to design, calculate and draw solutions.
Installation and placement can be done with our own people.
Projects with a limited budget or small DIY solutions with advice are also part of our range !

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