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Introducing the new DPA 4466 and 4488 headsets


Some brands are so strong, they become thé product.
Ask for a 'bic' in France, and you’ll get a pen. If we get a request for 'a DPA', there’s a big chance they are talking about a headset microphone.

The iconic DPA 4066 and 4088 are after 2 decades still in high demand.
3 Years ago, DPA pushed the boundaries with the release of the 6066, a 3mm subminiature headset with a headset mount that has it all; comfort, a secure fit, and easy positioning.

The marriage of the iconic 4066/4088 capsules and the 6066 mount is available now, please welcome the 4466 and 4488 headsets !
The 4466 is an omnidirectional headset microphone, with the same capsule as the 4066 (and 406x lavaliers).
The 4488 uses the same cardioid capsule as the 4088, which is great for singing and situations where maximum isolation is critical.
Both the 4466 and 4488 have CORE technology inside, which minimizes distortion for an ultra-clear sonic experience.

As of now, all DPA 'legacy' models are discontinued and replaced by their CORE-successors.
Don’t worry, you can mix and match older and newer microphones since their frequency response and dynamic range are equal. You do will notice a slightly clearer sound when compared side-by side on dynamic sources.
Contact your account manager now for a last chance to buy the legacy models (before May 14th!).

The PVD coating as used on the 6066 and the new 4466 and 4488 headsets will be available in 3 colors; black, brown and beige (golden).
The PVD treatment gives a smooth surface, which reflects less light and gives the beige version a golden appearance. The brown version will be available later this year.

Some advantages of the new headset design :


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