Pyramix celebrates 25th Anniversary


Pyramix software now comes in only three versions with dramatically reduced prices.
1.      ELEMENTS is the cheapest version allowing creators to experience most transparent DAW in the world enjoying DSD/DXD format.
2.      PRO is for those who rely on Pyramix for editing and require more channels of DSD/DXD.
3.      PREMIUM is the version containing all features allowing 24 channels of DSD/DXD and featuring all the mastering options that Pyramix is famous for including Dolby Atmos compatibility.

The next major improvement is for the native user. For a long time, clients looking for maximum performances required MassCore.  Pyramix is now based on a multi-threading architecture, so users will benefit from a huge performance improvement. The audio engine analyses the session in real time and calculates the optimal number of threads to be used. For the power user, MassCore remains the go to option for maximum I/O, lowest latencies and tons of power for VS3 processing. 

The really big news for Pyramix is the inclusion of a Dolby Atmos® workflow in response to the increasing demand for immersive music mixes to be released in this format. Pyramix 25th allows users to create natively in Dolby Atmos without the need to move to an alternative platform. This means that the many customers that have been asked to provide immersive content can dramatically simplify and speed up the process of delivering the final master.

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