Pro Tools MTRX Studio available now


The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is really an all-in-one studio centerpiece.

Route any input to any output. Customize monitor profiles with integrated speaker tuning. Outfit any room in your facility for Dolby Atmos mixing. And get ultra-low latency monitoring when tracking and mixing with Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native. 

Digital connections include DANTE (64 channels with a 512x512 Matrix in DADman), DigiLink and ADAT. Top-quality AD/DA converters and Mic Preamps made by Digital Audio Denmark.

No need for a separate monitor controller, there’s even SPQ speaker calibration software inside, with presets from mono to immersive.
MTRX Studio is EUCON-enabled and delivers tight integration with Pro Tools | Ultimate, enabling you to control all audio sources, monitoring, and routing directly from any Avid control surface.

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