Dutch & Dutch


Amptec distributes Dutch & Dutch for BeNeLux


Another high-end addition to our product range !
We’re very proud to announce that Amptec has been chosen by Dutch & Dutch monitor systems to handle BeNeLux distribution.

Completely accurate music reproduction requires more than a thoroughly optimized speaker. It requires a speaker that works together with the acoustics of the listening room.
Tune the system to the room, not the room to the system.

The 8c is more than just a loudspeaker. It is a unique acoustic concept, because its revolutionary design provides constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards and +/-0.5dB frequency response from 35Hz upwards. As a result, the 8c is above and beyond any other system in terms of neutrality, precision, and in-room tonal balance.



Contact bart.hilberink@amptec.nl, niels.neven@amptec.be for more info and pricing.

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