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6000 series promotion

Released in 2018, the 6000 series of subminiature headsets and lavaliers set a new standard.
After months of chasing backorders to meet demand, we finally have all models available from stock.

Until December 31th, every 6000-series microphone comes with a free adapter of your choice.
That’s a 17% discount if you buy a DAD6001 XLR adapter with a 6060 lavalier !


Adapter or fixed connector ?

We often get this question, and our advice is to order a DPA with microdot and separate adapter.
Besides the obvious advantage in flexibility to change between different wireless systems and XLR, the microdot connector also ensures a perfect connection to the 1.6mm cables used by DPA.
Most wireless connectors aren’t specifically designed to be used with miniature cables, and need some extra tightening tools to establish a solid connection.

If you mount an adapter to a microphone, always hold the cable fixed and turn the adapter. This minimizes mechanical stress on the cable.

DPA improved their microdot connector a few years ago. The new microdot connector has a locking mechanism, that secures the connection between the male and female connector, even if the nut is shaken loose. The locking mechanism is best described as a point of friction which must be passed when mounting the microdot connectors.
To tell the new version apart, the inside isolator in the new one is red as opposed to the old white or brown ones.
Additionally, a longer strain relief is now standard with the new microdot.

CORE technology

Part of the design challenges in developing the 6000 series was scaling down the electronics inside the capsule. Thanks to CORE (first introduced in the 4000 series), DPA now offers better clarity, less distortion, and an IP58 rating against dust and liquids.

Case study : AED rent invests in 6000 series

One of the earliest adopters, AED rent, ordered both 6061 lavaliers and 6066 headsets and have been dry-renting them for months.
AED has an impressive stock of 4099 instrument microphones, 4011, d:facto and 4000-series lavaliers and headsets.
So far, the 6000 series have performed flawlessly.

Reminder : Vocal mic techniques workshop

“You can’t use a condenser mic with wedges ! They can’t handle loud voices ! The feedback is uncontrollable !”

We like busting myths and trigger new ideas. Join us for a hands-on workshop in which we’ll focus on typical challenges for live applications. This workshop will provide a deeper insight into off-axis response, stage spill, ambience techniques for in-ears, etc.

DPA will be represented by Bo Brinck (Application and Education Manager).

Free of charge.

Wednesday 11.12.2019
From 10.00 until 13.00 (coffee from 9.30)

O.L.V. Van Vaakstraat 81
1000 Brussel

How to register
Contact education@amptec.be to confirm your presence.

Your input is important

If you like to attend a workshop covering other topics, let us know what and where, and we’ll try to make it happen.



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