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HVR celebrates 20 years of d&b with KSL


Dutch rental company HVR Show Equipment adds the KSL line-array to their rental inventory.
HVR Show Equipment has a leading role, being part of d&b’s history in the Netherlands. In nearly two decades, HVR collected an extensive d&b rental inventory in C-, Q-, T-, V- and J-Series. With the new d&b audiotechnik KSL System, HVR steps into the world of premium acoustical performance for the highest quality listening experience. Combined with the known d&b approach of a fully engineered system solution and a unique sound system workflow.

Amptec amplifies its efforts for service, support and training to the BeNeLux.
Amptec Netherlands new sales unit handled HVR’s deal. Amptec’s staff addition comes with d&b audiotechnik announcement for the expansion of its relationship with Amptec, becoming the distributor of the full range of d&b products in the BeNeLux. The new Dutch team consists of experienced people from the industry, ready to help out existing and new clients.

The KSL line-array is the latest addition from d&b audiotechnik to the SL-Series.
The KSL system, launched last January at NAMM, represents an evolution in line array systems with the ability to control the full frequency spectrum, improving intelligibility, cleaning up the stage monitoring environment and addressing expectations in noise emission. Organizers for large events urge for control of sound dispersion and minimizing of sound emission: more art, less noise. KSL will be of critical value to the events and the venues in our crowded BeNeLux region.

d&b audiotechnik appoints Amptec as new BeNeLux distributor


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