RTW announces Dante-Enabled TM7 and TM9


RTW focuses on visualising audio in order to let audio engineers take informed decisions in professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control. Now, it is possible to also benefit from this valuable visual feedback on Dante and AES67-based audio networks.

Up to 32 Channels at 96 kHz
A TouchMonitor with Dante connectivity is able to monitor up to 32 audio channels at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The selected sample rate does not affect the channel count, which means that users can always rely on keeping their eyes on up to 32 channels across the IP Audio Network at any given time.

Visible Network Status Feedback
Apart from measuring critical audio-related factors such as Loudness, True-Peak, Correlation, Frequency Distribution, etc., users now also get instant and visible feedback on the overall status of the audio network. This allows for quick troubleshooting and identification of potential problems that may cause critical downtime.

Redundant Network Support
In broadcast, reliability is always paramount. Therefore, the new Dante-ready TM7 and TM9 units support redundant network connectivity to ensure that users are always able to get an overview of their audio at a glance. Quite simply, with a Dante-enabled TouchMonitor TM7 or TM9 hooked up to their Dante / AES67 network, broadcast engineers will never be forced to ‘work in the dark’.

Routing Made Easy
TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 with Dante compatibility automatically detect and adapt to Dante channel names, which in turn makes routing a breeze when setting up the audio metering system on the network.

Near-Zero Latency and Synchronisation
RTW has implemented uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio technology that results in near-zero latency and synchronisation performance for obtaining the most reliable and consistent results possible.

The new Dante-enabled TouchMonitors are on display at NAB 2019, Booth N3903.
TouchMonitor TM7-Dante and TM9-Dante will be available globally from June 2019.


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