Waves TLC - Theft & Loss Coverage


(TLC is available at no additional cost to V6 bundles with a minimum of 6 months of Waves Update Plan coverage remaining.)

Waves TLC Theft & Lost Coverage is an exclusive program which safeguards your Waves licenses in case your iLok gets lost or stolen.

How does it work?
Your permanent Waves license will be removed from your iLok. It will be replaced by a time-limited TLC license. Every 3 months, Waves will deposit a time-limited (90-day) license in your account. To eliminate any possible downtime, there will be an overlapping period of 7 days between licenses. You will need to download this license to your iLok every 3 months.

In case your iLok is lost or stolen, log into your Waves account and choose the “Claim TLC” option. Waves will deposit a new time-limited license into your account. This license will be valid until the date of your next scheduled 90-day license. Download this new license to a new (or other) iLok key, and you’ll be up and running.

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