Introducing the ODIN OMNEO


RTS is pleased to announce the global launch of the ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix at NAB 2018. The latest in an ongoing program of IP-focused product launches, including the ROAMEO DECT-based wireless system and KP-Series keypanels, ODIN is a major new addition to the RTS portfolio.

ODIN condenses decades of experience and the latest RTS innovations into a compact single rack unit package that offers state-of-the-art IP technology along with analog connectivity. Where previous-generation digital matrix products were significantly larger and more costly to own and operate, ODIN’s feature set and form factor are designed to make a professional matrix solution more accessible and easier to use than ever before, opening up the benefits of IP-based communications for wide range of new markets and users of all levels.

In keeping with the RTS principles of forward thinking and backwards compatibility, ODIN can seamlessly integrate into the most sophisticated, large-scale intercom operations, extending the value of the initial investment, while also providing a path for system expansion for smaller users who want to upgrade existing RTS systems to the latest technologies.

ODIN combines the functionality of multiple RTS technologies into one future-proof package :

- The capacity of two OMI-64 cards (64-ports each) - up to 128 channels of digital audio over IP in OMNEO format - fully compatible with Dante and AES67
- Connections for up to 16 analog keypanels
- Inter-Frame-Link connectivity for linking multiple frames together
- A powerful master controller
- Built-in connectors for analog two-wire partyline
- Redundant power supply for an extra layer of protection against failure

With the addition of the RTS wireless ROAMEO system, the ODIN can be easily expanded to have wireless key panels. This makes it suitable in locations where wireless is required in a very cost effective way. By the use of DECT technology, the problems that occur these days with RF are avoided, and a high quality communication can be maintained. Just add AP-1800 access points and TR-1800 belt packs to the system, and you’re up and running.

Key features ROAMEO :
- Fully integrated into all digital RTS matrices, the wireless solution allows users to address either individuals or specified groups
- Uninterrupted, high-quality and license-free audio based on DECT standard allows integration of a large number of simultaneous users across wide areas
- ROAMEO brings most advanced professional-grade long-distance wireless communications to RTS intercom systems
- User-friendly, intuitive operation ensured by icon-based setup and buttons with tactile feedback

Introducing ODIN OMNEO


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