Presenting Synergy R1: Hardware for a New Era


Nowadays it’s not an easy task to make a unique and difference sounds, or just give you mix the right character it needs, so Synergy came up with a great solution with endless possibilities.

We already knew Synergy from their awesome DAW (plugin) tools like the Mixchecker and their pristine digital modulations of old classic outboard gear, and their first piece of hardware will definitely change the way we create reverbs.

Synergy R1 features :

- Powerful DSP delivering 7 algorithmic reverbs
- 3 selectable pure analog saturation circuits
- Has its own vibe like no other reverb
- Plug-in control and parameter automation
- Top quality analog components and AD/DA converters
- Designed, built and produced in the EU
- Occupies 2 slots in an API 500 Series Rack.

Not yet another reverb. Its sound, its control, its look are different than any other reverb on the market.

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