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DPA 25 years final promotion


Final promotion until December 31st 2017

We’ll be closing the DPA 25 anniversary year with a big bang! ‘Cash for trash’ is back!
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DPA CORE technology

DPA Microphones How does CORE sound ?
It depends on the source material, but imagine switching from a standard console microphone input to a high-end dedicated preamp.
The same basic sound, but with more realistic-sounding details and a clear sonic picture.

What is CORE ?
Longtime DPA fans might know this already ; the DPA miniature microphones includes two basic parts; the condenser/diaphragm part and an impedance converter/amplifier part.
The latter has always been built upon a current drive principle, that involves more than just one FET transistor. The current drive means that a DC current of 1mA must flow in the circuitry typically build around the internal electronics of the DPA miniature microphone and the (most often) wireless transmitter connected.

The miniature microphone system is optimized for use with various Sound Pressure Levels and the condenser/diaphragm and amplifier are trimmed to the optimum conditions for a given level.
Which is why there’s a 4060, 4061 and 4062. Each one has the same basic condenser/diaphragm system and amplifier but tweaked to reach a 10dB higher maximum SPL, and lower sensitivity.

Recently DPA introduced the new CORE by DPA technology that builds upon the same basic ideas as the original design, but with 5 times more silicon inside the capsule they have increased the linearity of the amplifier.
As a result, the general distortion has decreased in the whole working range (from a whisper to a scream), i.e . from the self-noise of the microphone to the 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) point. This working range is known as the dynamic range and will be the only specifications you’ll see changed on the spec sheets. All other parameters remain unchanged (self-noise, maximum SPL, frequency response, etc.). The dynamic range has increased with 6 to 14 dB’s for the newly launched CORE by DPA products but the best benefit is what you can’t see on the spec sheet: the improved clarity and openness.

The first DPA products that will be available with CORE technology are headsets and lavaliers.
Legacy versions with the original electronics are still available too.

All CORE equipped microphones are IP58 rated, which means that the microphones will not be permanently harmed when exposed to dust and water, but they need a quick rinse and time to dry out to regain their original characteristics.

DPA GET CLOSER WORLD TOUR, Leuven November 23rd

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