Waves Express Specials


Now available from your local dealer and Amptec !

Announcing a new trail from Waves. The following offer is a test case, and only available through your local dealers in the BeNeLux area. If you own a certain Waves bundle, you might be able to get 25% extra discount on a complementary product.
Please check the table below to see if you can benefit from this exclusive offer.

The following Waves bundles are eligible for Express Specials :

If you have : you can get 25% extra discount on :
The API Collection SSL Collection
Gold Bundle The API Collection
The JJP Collection Studio Classics Collection
Musicians 1 Bundle Silver Bundle
Musicians 2 Bundle Silver Bundle
V-Series Bundle The API Collection
Vocal Bundle The API Collection

Feel free to contact your local Waves dealer or Amptec for a price or more information. You can count on the Amptec DAW "know-how" when purchasing Waves software at our Benelux dealers.


Contact harald.vanherf@amptec.be , your local dealer for more info and pricing.

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