Vicoustic clearance promo


Vicoustic keeps improving their product line-up with small structural changes.
And to make room in our warehouse for the updated products, we are clearing out some stock at attractive pricing.
Among these is Wavewood, the iconic absorber-diffuser panel has been a best-seller and is available from stock in different colors.

Other clearance items currently in stock :

Cinema Round Premium
The Premium Full band absorber efficient from 200Hz and above.

absorbers/diffusers, perfect balanced solution to reduce reverb without destroying the room ambience.
Place them in a corner and they will also act as a bass trap!

Flexi Pol A50
Mid and high frequency absorber.

Super Bass Extreme
Bass traps optimized design for corners mounting, Designed to provide effective low frequency absorption between 60—125 Hz, it delivers maximum effectiveness between 75—100 Hz

Multifuser Wood
Massive wooden diffusers
Multifuser Wood 64 works between 310 Hz and 8 kHz
Multifuser Wood 36 works between 470 Hz and 10 kHz

Multifuser DC2
Made from high quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), Multifuser DC2 is notable for its effective performance in solving problems like lack of speech intelligibility or music definition.

Poly Wood Fuser
Diffusers and mid frequency absorption
The panel‘s fibreboard elliptical membrane has a controlled density, allowing an infinite diffusion pattern (effective from 300Hz to 12 kHz), which breaks up standing waves and flutter-echo effects.

Pulsar panels
low budget absorption foam

Valid until December 31st 2017

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