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DPA 25 years d:dicate kits promo


d:dicate limited edition kits

To further celebrate their 25 years anniversary, DPA revisit their early roots by announcing 2 very limited edition kits based around the classic 4006 and 4011 recording microphones.

Only 25 of these numbered kits will be produced worldwide, and they will include a matched stereo pair of 4006 or 4011, completed with all possible accessories and the new d:vice recording interface and a 4060 stereo kit.
More info here: www.dpamicrophones.com/25yrs/ddicate


If you always dreamt of owning a stereo pair of DPA d:dicate microphones, either the legendary 4006 or the new classics like the 2011, now is the time...
For a very limited time only, until Thursday August 31st, we are running this promotion :

Buy 1 d:dicate microphone, and get the second one for half the price !!!

Eligible models are 4006, 4011, 4015, 4017, 4018, 2006 and 2011 with all types of preamps (MMP-A, MMP-C, MMP-G, etc.)
Matched stereo pairs are available for most models.


Contact brecht.ieven@amptec.be, dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl for more info and pricing.

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