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This is the best time ever to put a Royer R-101 in your studio, and if you’re a performing guitarist the R-101 will do wonders for your live sound !

The TEC Award winning R-101 is Royer’s most durable ribbon mic — it’s great in the studio AND on the road. The R-101 uses the same ribbon element and transformer as our industry-standard R-121, but in a more economical housing. Its 3-layer wind screen system provides excellent protection against wind, and its internally-shock-mounted ribbon transducer system keeps shocks and vibrations from damaging the ribbon element, while also controlling proximity-effect.

Why do we prefer Ribbon Mics ?
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Sale ends August 31st.

For those who always wanted an active ribbon because of the higher sensitivity and optimal impedance loading, we are selling out our remaining stock of the R-122 MK1.
The R-122 MK1 doesn’t have the PAD and high-pass filter of the MK2, but is identical in every other aspect.

First come = first served !

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