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DPA 25 years anniversary d:facto promotion


DPA turns 25 this year, and we‘re celebrating by releasing a limited edition of the industry-standard d:facto handheld microphone.
This 25 Anniversary Edition will have a special nickel finish and a DPA 25 logo, and include also a nickel SL1 adaptor, compatible with all Sony, Lectrosonics, Shure and Line6 systems.
Only 250 of these limited edition nickel d:facto’s will be produced, and 50 of those will be shipped in an aluminium suitcase with DPA 25 logo.

For those who prefer black, there will be a limited supply of regular black d:facto’s, but also with a free SL1 (Sony, Shure, etc.) wireless adapter included, which equals a 20% discount !

This offer ends on July 12th 2017.

Stay tuned for more anniversary items...

DPA d:vice available now !

DPA Microphones
Announced only a month ago, the DPA d:vice high-quality 2-input interface for iOS, PC and Mac is now shipping.
We were overwhelmed by demand since the initial announcement, so if you are interested in obtaining a unit, contact us ASAP.

Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains

A French/British pop group mixed by a French/Belgian engineer who recently discovered Danish microphones is Fràncois & The Atlas Mountains.
FOH-engineer Matt Charray already owned a nice kit of DPA’s, including a d:facto, a 2011C stereo kit and a d:vote 4099 rock touring kit, but for the current European tour, the kit was expanded to :
2x 2011A for kick drum and snare drum
6x 4099 for snare bottom, percussion and toms
1x 4061 as kit mic for drums
4x 2011C for overheads and guitar
1x d:facto linear with extra SL1 adapter for wireless use when needed

You can check out the band performing live for ARTE here :


Contact brecht.ieven@amptec.be, dany.meeuwissen@amptec.be, rembrandt.hissink@amptec.nl for more info and pricing.

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