DiGiCo presents SD12


In 2015, DiGiCo launched its compact S-Series, which boasted a modern workflow at an affordable pricepoint; last year, the whole SD Range became much more powerful thanks to the introduction of Stealth Core 2 Software across the board; now, in DiGiCo’s 15th year, meet the new and predictably stunning SD12.
The new DiGiCo SD12 doesn’t just re-write the book on compact multi-application consoles, it simply rips it up and starts again.

Main Features
- 72 input channels with full processing
- 36 aux/grp busses with full processing
- LR / LCR bus & 12 x 8 Matrix
- 12 FX processors & 16 Graphic EQs
- 119 Dynamic EQs, 119 Multiband Compressors, 119 DiGiTuBes
- Advanced surface connectivity with optional DMI cards
- UB MADI & optional Optics

Now available.

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