Famous Grey opts for top quality in new studios

Famous Grey

16-11-2023 / Studio / Acoustics /

Famous Grey, a renowned advertising company, has created two state-of-the-art studios in its new building in Brussels, each consisting of a recording and mixing room. The company selected Amptec to supply its studio equipment.

The studio spaces were designed specifically for voice and commercial-ad recordings, with the emphasis on high-quality production. In both spaces, Famous Grey now uses equipment supplied by Amptec for recording and mixing, including:

Dutch & Dutch
Famous Grey opted for quality in choosing two pairs of Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers. With advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and cardioid distribution, these speakers dynamically adapt to the room's acoustics, resulting in impressive sound reproduction.

Custom Design
As well as providing the equipment, Amptec's own connx department helped optimise the studio infrastructure and set up a streamlined recording process. The custom-designed front panels with specific connections simplify the cabling between the studio and the recording room, to ensure that full attention is given to the actual recording process.

Partners in this project

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Amptec connx
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Dutch & Dutch
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