Amptec delivers cosy ambience for Restaurant Klost’r with Artnovion


16-08-2022 / Corporate / Acoustics /

Restaurant Klost’r in the small town of Riemst in Flanders is a gastronomic jewel that features in the famous French Gault&Millau restaurant guide. Following a number of comments from customers that the acoustics made it difficult hear and be heard, even when at the same table, owner Nico Henrard turned to Amptec to remedy the problem.

The issue was an abundance of hard surface and an open kitchen that was creating a large amount of reflections. The problem was particularly noticeable when the restaurant was full and ambient noise levels increased accordingly.

Amptec recommended Artnovion Sparta acoustic panels in black and white against the walls and ceiling along with three larger sand-coloured panels from the Cloud range also on the ceiling. “We created a 3D design to show Nico exactly what the room would look like after treatment as it was important to preserve the aesthetic of the space,” explains Amptec’s Niels Neven. “At first, Nico was sceptical about the sand-coloured panels, but in fact they break up the red brick ceiling nicely,” he continues. “The results are remarkable. The atmosphere is more cosy now and people can have conversations with the rest of the table guests at normal levels, which is a critical comfort factor in any restaurant or bar. Nico even thinks that the panels improve the aesthetic by breaking up the colours and adding interest, so it’s a win-win!”

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