RME unveils M-1620 Pro Series and HDSPe AoX cards


RME announces the launch of two groundbreaking products set to redefine audio conversion and network interface technology: the M-1620 Pro Series and the HDSPe AoX cards. These innovations mark a significant leap in audio network integration, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for professionals in the audio industry.


M-1620 Pro Series: Cutting-edge converters with Milan® and Dante® technology

The M-1620 Pro Series is a state-of-the-art line of converters designed to handle 16 analog line-level signals. This series includes the M-1620 Pro, featuring MADI and ADAT® connectivity, and the M-1620 Pro D, which integrates the popular Dante® network technology. Both models are built to meet the highest standards of audio quality and network reliability.


One of the standout features of the M-1620 Pro is its innovative front panel, combining LED level meters and a display for easy monitoring. The unit also includes two separate headphone outputs, making it a versatile tool for any audio setup. With dual network and dual MADI connections, plus a monitored DC input alongside the internal AC power supply, the M-1620 Pro ensures seamless operation with built-in redundancy.


Advanced features include manual configuration of aliasing filters, jitter reduction with SteadyClock FS, and flexible internal routing. The M-1620 Pro D provides 64-channel Dante connectivity, while the Milan-certified model offers up to 128 channels at 48 kHz with precise, fixed latency.


HDSPe AoX Cards: High-performance network audio interface cards

RME's new HDSPe AoX cards set a new standard for high-performance audio interfaces. Available in both Dante® and Milan® versions, these PCIe cards offer up to 512 x 512 channels for Dante and 128 x 128 channels for Milan, leveraging RME’s renowned driver architecture.


The HDSPe AoX cards feature a 256-channel TotalMix™ engine, providing a super low latency hardware mixer. They occupy a single PCIe slot and include two gigabit Ethernet ports for transmitting and receiving network audio signals. Users can extend or replace network audio channels with MADI signals by adding optional dual optical or dual coaxial extension cards.


With a comprehensive software dialog for managing channel counts and routing, users can select which 256 channels to send to TotalMix and an additional 256 channels for direct DAW recording. The HDSPe AoX cards support higher sampling rates with corresponding reductions in channel count, ensuring flexibility and high-quality audio in any setting.


Both the M-1620 Pro Series and HDSPe AoX cards will be available starting Q3 2024. These new products underline RME’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions for audio professionals worldwide. For more detailed technical specifications and information, visit www.rme-audio.com.


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