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DPA 2017 Shotgun Microphone: No compromises


DPA Microphones has launched its new 2017 Shotgun Microphone.
The 2017 is an extremely directional mic that combines crystal clear, authentic sound and stable, consistent performance under harsh conditions. Its acoustical performance sets it apart from any competition. It has efficient off-axis rejection combined with an off-axis frequency response that is much more linear than most similar shotgun mics on the market. These are exactly the capabilities that result in authentic sound.

Key features
- Accurate, clean sound
- Extraordinary durability and reinforced construction
- Outstanding off-axis rejection
- Extremely directional pick-up pattern
- Easy to set up and position
- Low self-noise

Tested to survive everyday use
- Not sonically affected by repeated drops onto hard floors
- Survives exposure to direct rain showers, and dries up quickly
- Withstands and recovers from condensation phenomenon

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