Desmet Studios upgrades to RTS ODIN intercom


- 48-port RTS ODIN digital intercom matrix delivers crystal-clear communication for historic Amsterdam studio
- RTS KP-Series keypanels deliver convenient networked solution throughout Desmet Studios’ facility
Desmet Studios has upgraded its intercom system to an RTS solution based around an ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix working in tandem with KP-Series keypanels. The solution was supplied by Amptec and installed by the studio’s Head Technician Maykel van Os.
Based in an art deco building in the Plantage district of Amsterdam, Desmet Studios is home to various radio and TV shows while also providing facilities for recording online TV, video and podcasts as well as hosting live and hybrid events. The old intercom solution at the private studio was no longer fit for purpose, requiring increasingly high volumes to achieve sufficient intelligibility. To help them overcome this challenge, Desmet approached the knowledgeable team at Amptec.
For Sales Manager Bart Hilberink, the solution was obvious. “The audio clarity delivered by ODIN alongside the simplicity of the IP networking made it the right choice for Desmet. When combined with the KP-series keypanels it would be able to deliver the modern capabilities that the studio required to run multiple productions simultaneously across the facility.”
Following this recommendation, the solution installed at Desmet features a 48-port ODIN digital intercom matrix at the heart of the system serving as the communications hub for the various recording spaces across the facility. This has been combined with three DKP-4016 and the same number of DKP-3016 desktop keypanels as well as nine KP-3016 and a KP-5032 rack-mounted keypanels to ensure that all of the control rooms and studios can communicate seamlessly.

It was a simple and challenge-free process for the studio team to remove the old intercom system and replace it with the modern RTS solution. And the results have proved to be very positive for everyone involved.
“The customer loves all the possibilities of the system,” states Hilberink. “The audio quality is really good, which has helped them to get the intercom levels lower and leads to more relaxed productions. Maykel did a great job implementing the system and has made sure that it is very easy to use. Most importantly, the Desmet team like it because it works exactly how they expected it to.”


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