013 Poppodium
08-03-2021 / Live /

013 Poppodium first opened in 1998 and was the first building in the Netherlands purpose built for pop music. The venue is known around the world for its broad international programming and features two rooms: the 3,000 capacity MAIN stage and 700 capacity NEXT stage.

013 recently upgraded their sound systems with two Avid VENUE | S6L systems from Amptec—the S6L-32D handles monitors.

"The Avid VENUE | S6L is very “rider friendly”—S6L is on every rider because it’s known and appreciated by touring sound engineers. Sound quality is outstanding. The scalability of the system. What especially stands out for us is the fast and intuitive workflow. We need to be able to get a visiting engineer with a touring band mixing as fast as possible. This is extra important with festivals.

The S6L with the Stage 64 [I/O] has got some of the best sounding mic pre’s and converters in live audio at the moment. On top of that S6L offers a great range of possibilities, like third-party plugins that you can save in your show file for instance, to shape your mix.

Virtual Soundcheck is occasionally used—it’s up to the preference of the operating engineer and I think our team still needs to get used to it. But I’m positive Virtual Soundcheck will make its way into everyone’s workflow. Plus the ability to easily record is a great tribute to the service we can provide to visiting bands."

013 Poppodium
Veemarktstraat 44
5038CV Tilburg