Top notch audio solution at Helderop studio


15-11-2023 / Studio / Live /

The Helderop studio in Laren, NL, is one of those places where you can do just about anything - the versatile spaces cater for everything requiring recording and mixing facilities, be it for music, TV, video, photography and even podcasts. Born of an idea that took shape during the COVID-19 pandemic, Helderop called on Amptec to help make the dream a reality.

“We wanted to construct a multi-functional studio within our existing storage facility. Following the box-in-a-box principle, fully sound-proof audio, video, photo, and radio spaces have been created within the warehouse.”

API 2448
At the heart of the complex is the control room which manages all the audio and some of the video - and at the heart of that is a API 2448 analog mixing console, supplied and installed by Amptec - a choice that elevates Helderop to another level, especially when paired with the Protools/MTRX setup.

Amptec also supplied d&b sound systems in both the recording studio and the cosy lounge/café-bar area which includes another dedicated radio studio. Each space can be used independently, but they can also be combined - for example, radio broadcasts can be produced with live music in the café - yes, there is even a small stage in the café - the possibilities are endless!

Partners in this project

ADAM Audio
Amptec connx
d&b audiotechnik

Deventerweg 67f
7245PJ Laren