Nieuwe Nor invests in d&b audiotechnik A-Series

Nieuwe Nor

12-04-2022 / Live /

The 'Nieuwe Nor' in Heerlen, in the Parkstad Limburg region of Holland, is all about pop culture in the broadest sense of the term. More than just a music venue, it supports local talent looking to create and produce as well as perform. In March 2022 the venue expanded with a second room for 750 people, tripling their capacity and affirming their status as the premier professional music venue in Limburg. To guarantee the best possible audio experience for audiences and artists alike, Nieuwe Nor opted for a d&b A-Series audio system with R90 remote control supplied and installed by Amptec.

"The challenge at Nieuwe Nor is that we have a wide room with two balconies," explains the venue's technical manager, Youri Gidding. "We needed a system that would handle traditional music concerts as well as the most hard-core techno parties, and of course cover the entire room." After much discussion and 3D modelling software analysis, Nieuwe Nor and their long-term rental partner, Demo Productions, realised that a line array wouldn't cover the balconies and wasn't appropriate for the wide, yet shallow nature of the room. Demo Productions contacted Amptec who organised a demo of d&b's A-Series.

"As soon as we heard it, we knew this was it," recalls Gidding. "Thanks to its small footprint and high power, A-Series is the perfect solution. Plus, the compact speakers don't obstruct sight lines, unlike a line array system." The new system comprises 3 x AL60 speakers per side for the main floor, 2 x AL60 per side for balcony 1 and 4 x 44S to cover balcony 2 with a cardioid sub array of 6 x V-GSUBs under the stage. An R90 touch panel offers fingertip remote control.

The Nieuwe Nor is delighted with the new system. "We have enough low-end for even the most hard-core techno events, as well as the coverage and clarity required to hear the details in the most subtle pop music."

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