The V-Series helps transform café into cool new music venue.


11-11-2020 / Live /

Doornroosje in Nijmegen in the Netherlands is a well known musical institution. In the course of its 50-year history, the venue has grown considerably, offering a more varied program, which led them to expand their concert offering to their café space. With ever-increasing bookings, the café needed a sound system that could cater to singer-songwriter concerts and DJ nights as well as rock ‘n’ roll bands. With the help of d&b partner Amptec the venue opted for a simple, yet effective d&b V point source system with B22-SUBs, powered by a D20 amplifier.

“Due to the diversity of the program, the flexibility of the system was an important factor,” Gonny Maas, Head of Technical at Doornroosje said. “After a number of tests, the choice fell on the V7P and B22 combination from d&b. From soggy techno to fragile melodies, everything comes out well.”

"Don't let the small size of the V7P tops fool you, they certainly don't sound small and the spread is surprisingly wide."

“The D20 amplifier provides maximum control, and various settings can be adjusted via a user-friendly menu,” continues Maas. “The amplifier can be accessed remotely via a tablet or mobile phone, making the work a lot more efficient and pleasant. In short, we are very pleased with this set-up.”

"It is still very satisfying to turn it on and then see the look of delight on the faces of the DJs or musicians. We also receive a lot of positive reactions from the public. Our café has really become a cool new venue."

Partners in this project

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