Amptec provides full AV solution for Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam


16-09-2020 / Live /

Theater Zuidplein is the new cultural hotspot of Rotterdam-Zuid. A new, hi-tech theatre building replaces the adjacent 1953 structure, housing two auditoriums, a multi-functional hall, rehearsal studios, a café/restaurant and a branch of the Rotterdam Library. Following a complex tender process, Amptec worked closely with Zuidplein’s long-standing supplier, WG Theatertechniek, to design and supply a range of sophisticated d&b audio systems in each of the three theatre halls, complemented by Avid mixing consoles and high quality microphones from DPA. Amptec also designed and supplied a comprehensive, building-wide AV solution for broadcast, video distribution and glass connections.

“For the 600-seat Grote Zaal we opted for a LCR Y-Series line array system with a combination of flown and ground stacked subwoofers, Y-Series point source infills, built-in 4S front fills and 8S balcony fills,” notes Amptec’s Bart Hilberink. “We deployed d&b’s ArrayProcessing algorithms on the line arrays to guarantee a homogenous listening experience for the entire audience.

“We preferred a point source design for the Kleine Zaal which seats 250 people,” he continues. “The design is extremely well thought out with two Y-Series Y10P point source loudspeakers flown left and right plus a central cluster of a further two Y10Ps. Low frequencies are handled by a pair of ground stacked Vi-GSUBs per side for a neat-looking and extremely effective system.”

The third room, Zaal Z, is a multipurpose space with a flat floor and a mobile stage that can be arranged flexibly, making it ideal for everything from small performances to drinks receptions, workshops and more. It can be closed off from the large public space with a soundproof glass screen or left open as desired. Here Amptec decided on a versatile mobile PA setup of a pair of Vi-GSUBs, a pair of Y7Ps and a pair of E8s that can be configured as required. A Midas Pro2c is available for mixing and control, plus a full complement of stage monitors.

However, what draws the entire installation together is the infrastructure that Amptec has put into place to manage all of these complex systems easily and efficiently. “The infrastructure in the halls is great,” says Theatre Zuidplein’s head of technical service and facilities, Fred den Hartog. “With the patching between the different areas of each room (stage, grandstand, the bridge etc.) we can manage everything – that means audio, video, and lighting. We need to take the time to think it through sometimes, but ultimately it saves a lot of time when it comes to system setup. The workflow is smooth and efficient.”

Indeed, the combination of d&b systems with Avid consoles means that the signal chain remains in the digital domain all the way through to the amplifiers where one D/A conversion takes place before being output by the loudspeakers, ensuring the highest possible signal quality. The Avid/DAD/d&b chain is fully 96kHz and supports all common digital formats.

To make system management even easier, Amptec has installed and programmed a d&b R90 remote control touch panel which enables theatre staff to operate a technically complex installation at the touch of a button. Input and output settings as well as stage presets can be quickly selected and implemented according to the requirements of the event, meaning that shows can be set up with minimum difficulty. Theater Zuidplein benefits from a modern, easy-to-operate futureproof system that will deliver an optimum audio-visual experience for many years to come.

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