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Seminar: AV network security (English)


IP networks are indispensable in contemporary audiovisual applications. Unfortunately, the AV industry is not exempt from cybercrime either.
The data security of your company starts and ends with an approach at all levels of the organisation. From a clear security policy to a firewall and antivirus software. From complex passwords to the training of your employees and partners.
AV network expert Dietrich De Bruyne will guide you through the world of cybersecurity during this seminar.
- Present-day threats 
- Security for/by users
- Technical resources against cybercrime
- Cybersecurity applied in the AV industry
- Plan B, plan C, …
- Q&A

The seminar will be given in English. 

When ?            
Tuesday June 20th 2023
Welcome                       09:30 AM
Start seminar                 10:00 AM
End                               04:00 PM

Where ?           
Bremakker 45
3740 Bilzen

€195 VAT excl. (catering incl.)

How to register
Contact to register. Please provide us with your name, e-mail, company and meal preference (meat/veggie/vegan). We will send an invoice upon receiving the registration, which has to be paid before the start of the seminar.

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