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Workshop: mic hiding techniques for TV & film


Do you work on stages or film sets on a regular basis? Then you probably already noticed that DPA lavalier microphones are constantly being used for TV, film and theater. But where do you leave those microphones so that they’re invisible but still effective, and what are the pitfalls?
This is an opportunity to learn from the best. During this practical workshop you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about using and hiding mics on set (but were too afraid to ask)!
DPA product specialist Bo Brinck will be discussing speech intelligibility, directivity of sound sources (specifically, the human voice), microphone technology and transients as well as shotgun mics and off-axis frequency response.
Ensor-award-nominated DPA master Antoin Cox will be showing us how to hide mics (lavaliers & plants) while preserving sound quality – and all liberally interspersed with real-life anecdotes to illustrate the do’s and don’ts for when you’re on set.

When ?            
Monday June 12th 2023
Lunch                            12:30 
Start workshop              13:30
End                               17:30

Where ?           
Bremakker 45
3740 Bilzen

How to register 
Places are limited. Contact  events@amptec.be to register. Please provide us with your contact details (name, e-mail and company).
This event is a collaboration between Amptec, Audiosense and DPA. 


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